We’ve Flipped Out!

giraffeThis summer, if you’ve been following along, we’ve been adding donations from our generous patrons to a fun to “Adopt a Giraffe”. Early on, we named our buddy FLIP, and while the donations have been adding up, we’ve been keeping everyone updated on the progress. Donations have helped:

  • provide clean water
  • ensure lots of tall grasses for the habitat
  • given the giraffes a safe place to sleep at night
  • made our giraffe very happy

Of course, there are plenty of things the World Wildlife Fund does to help keep our world’s animals safe and thriving, and our donations will go towards all of their hard work. Stop by and adopt your own animal if you like, or just take a few minutes to see exactly what they do. We thought this was the perfect program in keeping with the “wild” TD Summer Reading Club theme, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You can see Flip’s Progress below:


20160718_11104620160725_12032820160803_09312420160808_09473220160815_130647Thanks for dropping by to see Flip grow from your donations, and thank you for helping us to conserve the habitat of these lovely creatures! With your generous donations, we’re able to submit over $250 to the WWF program! That’s amazing!

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