100 Days

If you’ve been following YouTubers galore, you’ve probably seen a lot of the “100…” list. (100 layers of lipstick, 100 t-shirts, 100 books on my bedside table).  Okay, I made that last one up, but it seems like everyone is doing “100” of something, if only to see what it looks like.

100But when I came across this lifehack list, the 100 days to accomplish something…anything…seemed like a really good way to participate. Try one of the fun things like decluttering your home over 100 days (make a list and tackle only one at a time), or saving for 100 days, or planning your day the night before….for 100 days. All of THESE things are meant to either make your life easier, or better, something which 100 layers of lipstick certainly won’t. Which ones will you try?

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