A Library Book Launch!

51y22LEWRDL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Did you know our library has an active writers group, and now….a published author! Sharon Holzscherer penned PATTERNS OF DISORDER during one of our National Novel Writing Month events, and has just published it through Amazon! We’re so pleased that she has chosen to hold her book launch here at the library on Tuesday, June 28th at 1pm! Sharon will share a bit about her journey to publication–including how she managed to stay so motivated in order to get this book to a finished product–and will have copies available for purchase on the day of the event that she will be signing.

PATTERNS OF DISORDER is a mind bending thriller, sure to keep you on the edge of her seat. Here is the Amazon blurb:

Sharon Holzscherer has written thousands of words about education and education reform. Here is her first foray into the conspiracy/mystery world of fiction. Drawing from her vast experience with learning disabilities, she weaves a story of a massive conspiracy in the most unlikely of arenas. Patterns of Disorder combines action and tension with thought provoking questions about the modern world’s reaction to children with ADHD. Are children just being active children or is there something more happening? Peter Marcus looks through volumes of data to find patterns. That is his job. But recently the pattern that is emerging has an ominous hue. Scientists studying aspects of childhood learning disabilities are being manipulated all over the world. Some are turning up dead. Pulled unwillingly from his secure lab into a secret world of powerful forces, violent methods, and unlimited resources, Marcus is swept deeper into a nightmare. Patterns of Disorder illuminates the power of one person’s obsession and the dangerous unforeseen results. More than just a novel of murder and conspiracy, this book raises fundamental issues about the direction of humanity.


This will be a really fun afternoon, with many of our local writing group coming out to support her debut launch. We are hard at work on our own site to let fellow community members and patrons know more about all of the fun and struggle our writers go through each year, so stay tuned for more information on that.  But if you’re interested in picking up Sharon’s book, finding out more about her work, or want to learn more about our group, please plan to attend the launch on June 28th!

If you can’t make it to her launch, you can pick up her book free for download on Kindle (or for a small fee for Canadians), or purchase a hard copy of her book here.

Congratulations, Sharon!


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