Is Your Father a Famous Horror Writer?

Is there something in the water that horror writers are drinking to produce offspring who also go on to become writers?  It might seem so, if you look at two of the horror genre’s most famous fathers, Stephen King and Peter Straub. Both are well known in the writing world, and have very respectable writing chops. In fact, they collaborated on a series of books called THE TALISMAN, and now share another common link: both of their children are authors.

talisman King’s son, Joe Hill, has been following directly in his father’s footsteps, writing his own brand of horror, and even making it to the big screen with HORNS. Recently, he just released his latest novel, THE FIREMAN, which is once again getting critical acclaim. He’s a different writer than his father, but covers his topics in unique and terrifying ways.

joehillSo, it is interesting to hear that Straub’s daughter, Emma Straub, has just popped up as having the possible “book of the summer” with, MODERN LOVERS. While this isn’t her first book, it is creating a lot of buzz with great reviews and plenty of interest.

straubDo you think it helps or hurts an author to have a famous parent who also writes? And would you read these books simply because of the lineage? Let us know in the comments.


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