I Would…

What if..._For our Frivolous Friday post this week, I’m asking the question….”what if?”  This is actually a fun game that we play regularly at our Teen Book Club meetings, and incites plenty of laughter and conversation. But I’m really asking this question after coming across a funny blog post titled “If Justin Bieber Were My Son”.

The premise for the blog post is about what a mother (or father) would do or say if Justin Bieber were his or her child. The idea is that we ALL have lots to say about Justin Bieber—and any other young person that seems to be making bad choices in their lives without any guidance, and yet….are we saying these things to our own children?

Maybe the spoils of fame are to blame for poor decision making at that age, but I’m sure we’d all like to think it has something to do with the parenting as well. If J.B’s mother had just instilled a little more common sense in him, or if she had simply told him to say “no” once in a while, maybe he’d make better decisions. (If all of the other young pop stars want to jump off the side of a cliff, YOU don’t have to do it, too, Justin.)

So, are you telling your child wise things? Maybe they need to hear them. Maybe we need to say them more often. What if your child suddenly rises to fame? Will it be too late then? What if your child just grows up and does normal things? Is it irrelevant then?

Of course, if you read through the statements on the post, some of them are pretty out there, but the idea….the idea that we need to be making bold statements to our kids in order to help them make better decisions….is right on the money. Try it. They might roll their eyes, but they’ll hear it, and maybe remember it when they need it most.

What brilliant thing have you told your child today?


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