Forest of Reading® Voting Night

Forest-of-Reading-LogoNow that it’s April, we’re thinking about voting night at the library. These are the last few weeks for readers who are participating in Forest of Reading®, so we know they’ll want to get finished up in order to vote.

A reminder….readers in the Silver Birch Express™. Silver Birch Fiction™, and Silver Birch Non-Fiction™ categories only have to read 8 out of 10 books in their category in order to be able to vote. Readers in the Blue Spruce™ category MUST read all 10 books in their level.

Our voting night will be a fun combination of voting, eating cake, and prizes. Everyone who makes our voters list will be able to drop in on Thursday, April 21st from 6-7pm  to cast their ballots, and then stay for the party.  If your young reader hasn’t read all of the books needed to vote, they can still come to the party. It will be a lot of fun!  And we’ll announce the winners we’ve picked at the end of the night!

We are updating our “WHO CAN VOTE” list each week to make sure everyone knows who is eligible to vote at the end of  April.  If your reader hasn’t been marking their books in our binder, we won’t know they’re ready, so make sure to drop in and update the binder. We have our voting lists posted here at the library now, so pop in to see if your reader’s name is on the list today!

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