Luckiest Girl Alive

luckiestIf you follow “Girls” creator Lena Dunham, you’ll likely have hear about her Lenny Letter website. You can subscribe to get your Lenny Letter in your inbox twice a week, filled with meaningful essays, quotes, and more from celebrities, great thinkers, and usually, the cool people. In this month’s Lenny Letter, there was a heartfelt essay by author Jessica Knoll regarding her book LUCKIEST GIRL ALIVE, and the most talked about scene in the book—a gang rape.

If it sounds like this isn’t for the faint of heart, you’re probably right. And even Knoll would have told you it was “just fiction” not too long ago. But in her Lenny Letter, she reveals that this scene was written from personal experience, something she couldn’t even admit to herself for many years.  The resulting “shaming” she endured from those who said she was at fault, kept her from opening up about it….until now.

While this book is being talked about all over the web, it is not only for the truth in it, but that it deals with a difficult subject in such a frank manner. We have a copy  here at the library, so place it on hold….it’s going to be a popular read.


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