Babies Return Today!

BabytimeIt’s always a fun time when babies return to the library. We’re starting our Winter Babytime session today, and it will run for the next six weeks (with a few skipped weeks due to March Break etc. Please call for a current schedule).

Why do libraries have programs for babies? Even though children this age don’t seem to be doing much in the way of literacy, they’re picking up new skills every day, and part of that is due to singing to them, playing with them, and reading to them. Parents at Babytime sessions will learn fun songs, rhymes, and games they can play to promote growth in their children at this stage. Plus, it’s a great way for parents to meet, and for babies to get used to other babies.

Each session is about 20-25 minutes long, and we sing a LOT of songs, learn tickle rhymes, and use plenty of great props (including books) to keep the interest flowing. Parents often stay for a long time after talking and getting to know each other, and making plans outside of the library. Of course, we’re also happy if they sign up for library cards and take out books, but it’s not a requirement.

This session takes place at 9:30am on Thursday mornings, and registration is required. Please call us at 257-2702 to sign up today!


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