The Nerd Herd Meets Again!

cityofbonesThis month, the Nerd Herd Teen Book Club has been reading Cassandra Clare’s CITY OF BONES, the first in The Mortal Instruments series. Despite the kind of cheesy cover, most of the kids I’ve talked with so far have been enjoying the book, and are probably going to continue on with the series.

Perfectly timed, this month, a huge controversy between authors Cassandra Clare and Sherrilyn Kenyon erupted over the alleged plagiarism of Kenyon’s DARK HUNTER series. If you’ve read some of the issues surrounding the accusations, it sure brings about a lot of questions. While Clare originally started writing fan-fiction based on Kenyon’s books, are things like demons and vampires copyrightable? The argument there is that there are things available to every writer–such as creatures and lore–that no author should be able to claim as their own. It’ll be interesting to see how far this goes in the courts, and what it means for other authors writing similar stories.

But, aside from that, the Nerd Herd will have lots to talk about when it comes to this book. We haven’t read one this big yet, so I’ll be interested to see who makes it all the way through.

The Nerd Herd meets on Wednesday from 4-5:30pm here at the library. If you have a teen who has read this and would be interested in coming in for a chat and some snacks, have them drop by!



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