Learn a Language!

mango.jpgThis year, we’re excited to offer our patrons a whole host of new eResources through our online catalog, and one of our most exciting additions is Mango Languages! They’ve made it fun and easy to learn a new language, and we’re making it simple for you to take advantage of it.  All you need is your library card!

Visit our online catalog, click on the eResources link, and choose Mango Languages. All you’ll need to do is sign in with your library card, and then choose a language you’d like to learn. Want to know some Spanish for the mid-winter holiday? Feel like expanding your knowledge for a someday trip? There are plenty of choices. (They even have Pirate-speak as something you can choose. Arrgggh, Mateys! This is great!)

The website is super fun and easy to use. Once you set up an account, they’ll keep track of your lessons, where you’ve finished, and what you might want to work on next. Practice conversations based on activities you might participate in when visiting a particular country (you can learn all about Flamenco dancing while practicing the language in context, for example. They even include cute graphics to make you feel like you’re there! The guitar-playing mango is particularly funny).

This resource would be great for students who might need some brushing up on their French skills, or for people new to our country. You can learn English, too! There are so many fun ways you can use Mango Languages.  What’s your favourite?


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