2016 Read Harder Challenge

If you love to read (and we assume you do because this is a library blog, after all), then you probably love a good reading challenge. And it’s we’re early on in 2016, why not take on a year-long reading list to help you read consciously, thoughtfully, and outside your comfort zone.  The 2016 Read Harder Challenge, started by Book Riot, is just that….a list of 24 reading tasks to get you really thinking…and reading.

Twenty-four books in one year is two books a month–not a big challenge for some, and for others, it might be a struggle. But the object is to expand your reading exposure, not necessarily to make you so busy you can’t enjoy it. If you don’t do everything on the list, that’s okay. Pick and choose, if you like. Most of all, just give it a try.

ReadHarderChallenge2016_checklist-1If you’re really into the competitive aspect of this challenge, you can join the Read Harder group on GoodReads and post when you’ve read one of the qualifying books.  You’re not limited to certain books…choose anything you like that fits the category, but for extra incentive, the New York Public Library has prepared a great reading list, which includes books from prior to 1950, and most of the rest are 2015 publications. This is a GREAT list, and gives you lots of choices, a lot of which we have at the library, or are available for download on OverDrive.

Will you Read Harder this year?


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