There’s an app for that…

05BOOKAPP2-master180We’ve all been reading eBooks on our tablets, computers, and phones, but there’s a new option about to hit the market…a book app with extra digital content.

Metabook, a new eBook publishing company, decided to launch a brand new idea…releasing a book through an app instead of as a regular eBook. And to begin, they’ve started with a book written especially for the project by Wally Lamb called, I’LL TAKE YOU THERE, to be released next year.

Instead of making this book available in traditional ways, it will only be available through the app, which people will presumably have to purchase. Then, it will only allow apple users to download the book through iTunes and read it on the Metabook app.  It’s a risky option, but one that an established author such as Wally Lamb can probably afford. However, this isn’t just an eBook…it’s an interactive reading experience.

Along with the book, Lamb has the option of adding digital commentary, playlists, photos and much more to the app to allow readers a multi-media experience like no other. While it might be a new idea, it sounds like something that readers will love once it becomes a little more mainstream.

If you want to read more about Lamb, Metabook, and the app, you can find a great article about it here.


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