Frivolous Friday!

Once again, it’s Frivolous Friday, and today is all about smells. One of the funny things you hear people say lately is that eBooks just don’t have that same smell as an actual book. Of course, now there are candles, and perfumes you can buy to duplicate that smell (although I can’t picture myself getting out an air freshener just before reading a book on my phone and spraying it around so I’ll feel more libraryish). But it seems that books are not the only smells that are disappearing.

Recently, Mental Floss did a great post on “11 Smells That are Slowly Disappearing” due to changes in how we live, and it is fascinating! How many odors–like the smell of phone books–are almost gone, that you can bring to the forefront of your memory right now?

20151124_121934Almost all of these were easily conjurable for me, except maybe the cap gun. What about you? And are there other smells you can think of that are almost gone, simply because we have new ways of doing things? Let us know! Now we’re thinking……


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