Adopt a Book!

Adopt a BookWe’re SO excited to announce a new project at the library…and it’s all about you!

One of the most disappointing things to patrons seems to be waiting lists. When a popular author releases a new book, it doesn’t take long for patrons to put their names on the holds list to get it, but that can sometimes mean waiting quite some time. We’re lucky enough to be able to acquire bestsellers at our library, and we’re small enough that our waiting lists don’t get quite as big as the larger libraries, but it can still be frustrating to wait on a book that everyone is talking about.


So we’re starting a brand new initiative called “Adopt A Book”! Now, patrons can help us to stretch our modest book-buying budget even further by “adopting a new book” through our On-Order lists. We’ll purchase the book through our booksellers, place YOUR name at the top of the waiting list, and put a nice bookplate in the front of the book to say that you helped us purchase this book for the library!


Drop into the library and ask us for the list at the front desk. We have many choices, and we’ll be constantly updating our list as books are purchased. Once you’ve decided on the book you want, you can pay for it by cash or cheque, and we’ll do the rest. Don’t worry if there are already holds on the book….we’ll bypass the list and put your name at the top. Once it comes in, we’ll put a bookplate in the front that has your name on it, and we’ll prep it for you right away. Isn’t that fun?

Still not sure how this works? Check out this fun infographic below that explains everything….


This is a great way to allow us to keep buying more books for the library, and still be able to offer premier service to our patrons. If you’ve been thinking about buying a book anyway, and find that shelf space at home is getting more crowded, why not buy the book for the library? You’ll still be the first one to read it!


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