The Library Five

booksfiveSince today is October 5th, it’s the fifth day of Canadian Library Month. Let’s celebrate with five quick facts about the Carleton Place Public Library.

  1. When you place a hold in our library and we contact you by phone or email to say it is available, we only keep the book for you for FIVE business days. This is to keep the turnaround nice and compact for people waiting on popular books.
  2. You can take out FOUR movies at a time, per family, for a one-week period. While we’d love to be able to allow each family member to take out DVDs, this is to allow everyone a chance at new DVDs in the collection.
  3. We have THREE dedicated computer stations that you can book for one hour per day, or a half hour. We also have two express computers that can be used for a quick 15-mminute period. Why only an hour per day? Some days, the computers can be very popular. If we allowed everyone to stay on for an endless time period, someone might walk in and see the stations full, and leave, thinking nothing was available.
  4. Our library has museum passes for all of the museums in Ottawa and the surrounding city. You can borrow a pass at the library, which will cover five admissions, including TWO adults and three children. A few of the passes even allow you to push that to three adults. While they might not cover a special exhibit fee, our patrons are really enjoying these passes, and we think you’ll love the fact that they can save you some money!
  5. While our catalog and many other library services are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, the library building is closed only ONE day each week. Of course we’d love to be able to serve patrons each and every day, but costs prohibit that. However, we hope that services like an app for audiobooks and ebooks, an app that allows you to access our catalog at any time, a Facebook page to contact us and share ideas, an easily accessibly website with all relevant information about the library, and being open six days per week covering a variety of hours, allows our patrons a variety of ways to access the library, even when we’re not open.

Take time to visit the library this month. You might be surprised at everything we have to offer!


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