Adult Services are Here!

20150713_111645When we think of libraries and programs, our minds often go right to children’s programming. While this usually is the main focus of library programs, it ignores an entire group of patrons—adults. We’ve offered a few programs for adults in the past (home delivery for shut-ins, adult bad art night, and writing groups),  but now, we’re so pleased to finally be able to offer regular programming for adults at the Carleton Place Public Library.

With the addition of a new staff member, Caroline, who is taking Adult Services to a whole new level here, this week marks the official start of some great new programs aimed at adults. This week alone, we’re offering an Adult Colouring Night, a Family Board Game Night, and our new regular weekly feature–tech tutoring! It’s going to be hopping here this week!

Why are library services like adult programs so important?

Library programs are usually free, and often fill a gap in services offered in the community in some way. People who have used libraries as children will tend to continue to use libraries as adults, and offering adult-aimed programs is one more way to keep libraries relevant in our towns and cities.

Whenever libraries close, low-income families often feel the greatest impact of the closure thrust upon them. Free programs for their children disappear. Entertainment and reading for pleasure, as well as education, becomes impossible. And having access to basic needs, such as the internet, also becomes more difficult. These are often, also, the people who are participating in free programs at the library, and where our services become vital.

Who can participate?

Anyone can sign up or attend free programs at the library. Our fall schedule is located on our library catalog, as well as being available in the library at the front desk. There are no costs to any of our programs—from game nights, to book clubs, to tutoring—and everyone is welcome.

Do I have to bring anything?

If you are participating in our Tech Tutoring program, it is beneficial if you bring your devices, such as your laptop or tablet, or your phone. And don’t forget those passwords! Nothing is more frustrating than beginning a session, only to find out you can’t get any apps set up on your tablet because you can’t remember your passwords.

If you are coming to any of our game nights, or colouring events, just bring yourself (and some friends!), and be ready to have fun. We’ll supply everything else.

How long will these programs run?

Most of our adult services are going to run throughout the year, with a short break around December. Please call for more details, or refer to our online calendar if you’re not sure.

And if you’re interested in seeing other adult services/programs offered at our library, make sure to talk to Caroline while you’re here. We’d love to know what you think, and strive to offer what our community is asking for. Don’t sit silent….let your voice be heard when it comes to adult programs!


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