Going Against The Norm?

ugJust when you thought the world of picture books couldn’t change, along comes BUG IN A VACUUM by super Canadian children’s book author, Melanie Watt. Watt is famous for her fantastically original and funny SCAREDY SQUIRREL and CHESTER books, and now with BUG, she deals with the five stages of loss in a completely new way. What has she done? Written a 96-page picture book. 96 pages……and every single one of them is brilliant!

After discussing “typical” books with our writers here at the library, I am going to have to bring this to our next meeting to show them they can write outside the box…..if they do it right. Of course, Watt has a host of successful books to her name already, so doing something a bit different (a typical picture book is about 24 pages) is okay. Publishers are more willing to take a chance on a unique book when they know the author’s reputation will make sales.

All strange facts about this book aside, it is another unique and endearing story from Melanie Watt, spurred on by an adorable and ambitious little fly and a cute little dachshund waiting in the wings. Of course, the lessons learned about grief are also well addressed here, but children will love the story regardless of the message.

Looking for a great gift for a slightly older picture book reader? This is it. BUG IN A VACUUM will be one we can’t keep in the library for very long.


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