Yalp’s Friday Round Up!


This was a BUSY week for us at the library….and we were closed on Monday! It sure does make the days goes fast, however.

Yalp was in charge of fun, as usual, and the results were amazing. This week:

  • We participated in the Bridge Street Bazaar and gave out tons of creative buttons. Did you get yours?
  • We had a brand new round of literacy tutoring participants, and they are adding so many apples to the reading tree, I don’t know if there will be enough room for them all! Yay, readers!
  • Thursday was a Splash-tastic kind of day! If you heard lots of laughter coming from the park behind the library, it was likely our young participants in “Make A Splash” day!
  • Book Bundles continue to be popular in the TD Summer Reading Club. If you haven’t been to the library this summer, we have an amazing selection of bags full of books for the kids, all themed so that you can just drop in and pick up a bag. We’ve made picking books for the kids really easy!
  • Our DVD collection is growing, and recently we added movies like “It Follows”, “Woman in Gold”, “Get Hard”, and “The Duff”. Have you taken out a movie lately?

If you’re looking for things for the kids to do next week, we have plenty going on. Drop in and pick up a calendar or simply come by to take out a movie, participate in our weekly I Spy game, or use our free WiFi. We’d love to see you!

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