Welcome, Caroline!

The faces at the Carleton Place Public Library might be changing, but we’re happy to welcome our newest staff members! They’ve only been with us a short time, but we’re enjoying getting to know them, and we thought you’d like to know a little more about them, too.

20150713_111645First up is Caroline, our new Adult Services and Outreach Coordinator. You might have participated in one of her programs in the Spring when she was doing a school placement with us before getting her degree. She ran several tech One-on-One sessions to help our patrons learn to use their devices, or set up emails and Facebook pages. We feel lucky to have her back with us now, and she’s hard at work developing some great new programs for the fall session for all of our adult patrons!

CPPL: Caroline, we’re so happy you’ve joined our staff. Can you tell us about your journey to the Carleton Place Public Library? (No, I don’t mean what street you took to get here…the bigger picture, please.)

Caroline:  I was born in England, and moved to Canada when I was seven years old. Later, I ended up going back to England to study history and art history at the International Study Centre (Herstmonceux Castle) which is part of Queen’s University. I decided to pursue a library career at this point in my life because both of my parents are in the library field. I think access to information in the modern age is a fundamental human right. Also, books are magic. They allow us to communicate telepathically with other people. Someone writes an idea down and it appears in our brain when we read it. Magic.

CPPL: Exactly! Books are magic. We’re the keepers of the magic at libraries, aren’t we? Wizards, I’d say.  Speaking of books, what are you reading right now?

Caroline: THE FIRST BOHEMIANS by Vic Gatrell, and THE FIFTH ELEPHANT by my favourite author, Terry Pratchett. I love Pratchett so much. And this book is brilliant and biting and hilarious and deep. No one else writes like this.

CPPL: I want to read that now! Do you have any special interests outside of work? A cotton ball collection, a love for hiking up steep mountains, a fascination with 80’s bands, maybe?

Caroline: I’m currently obsessed with Korean dramas, and I can knit up a story, but only in a straight line. Also, I knit very strangely…with one of the needles tucked between my legs.

CPPL:  Wow! I guess you’re self-taught.  Okay…the important question coffee or tea?

Caroline:  Coffee all the way!!!

CPPL:  This question should have been on the job interview, but because we didn’t ask it then….if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Caroline:  I would want to be super fast and/or be able to pause time. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Also, how great would it be to be able to pause time and continue sleeping/reading/watching something until you are ready for time to start again?!

CPPL: I totally agree!  I think being able to pause life would be a perfect superpower…how many times a day do I wish for this? Too many to count! Maybe we’ll have to work on this idea, Caroline.

We’ll introduce you to our other new staff member a little later this month, but in the meantime, we hope you’ll stop by the library and say hello!







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