One of my favourite picture books to read to visiting classes, or for storytime, is the hilarious book called BEE WIGGED by CeCe Bell. It tells the tale of a giant bee who is bullied because he is so different from everyone else. But when he finds a fabulous wig on the sidewalk one day, his life changes forever. Or does it??

Bee WiggedSo, naturally, when I saw the cover for a new book called WHAT THIS STORY NEEDS IS A PIG IN A WIG by Emma J. Virjan, I thought—-we need to have a wig-themed storytime soon!

This Story Needs a Pig in a WigWhat is it about putting silly characters in wigs that appeals to youngsters so much? Why don’t we ALL see the fun in this? I’m putting it out there…..let’s have a wig revolution!! (Okay, I’ll settle for more books with funny stories about animals in wigs. Get writing, people!)


One thought on “Wigs

  1. One of my favorite books when I was little was a Disney villain body swap book, and I would roar with laughter at the absurd head and body combos. Probably the same thing here? Either way, more please!

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