Book Clubs Galore!

Reading back through an older post about book clubs popping up everywhere (a Lisa Simpson book club, and a Rory Gilmore Book Club are some recent favourites), it reminded me that book clubs are ever popular.

We have two book clubs at the library now–one for adults and one for teens, and maybe we’ll expand into more later on, but we always have people asking about where to find one. While there are several private book clubs in town, and also a few run at Read’s Book Shop, what if you just can’t get out and want to participate in a book club? After the demise of Oprah’s popular book club, it seems that people turned to the internet.

This year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave himself a goal of reading a book every two weeks, and is posting about his own book list. You can follow along here…yes, it’s a Facebook page!

And now, if you’re looking for something to participate in, even Costco has a book club! Their first pick is ETTA AND OTTO AND RUSSEL AND JAMES by Emma Hooper. Along with the book, Costco is providing a quick set of tips for starting up your own book club, either based on the books they choose, or books of your choice. (They also thought ahead….you need chairs, and food, and other fun supplies for book clubs….which you can buy at Costco! Who knew?)

Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma HooperCostco also has great summer reads, kids books and more on offer in their flyer called The Costco Connection. It’s a great way to get people reading and thinking about connecting, regardless of trying to tie in some purchases.

Do you do book clubs? Would you consider doing a book club based on recommendations by a store, or celebrity?



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