Girls. Everywhere.

girlHave you noticed that many of the most talked about books recently include the word “girl” in their titles? From GONE GIRL to THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN and now to GIRL IN THE DARK…what is so catchy about using the moniker “girl” instead of woman? What does the word do, aside from the obvious alliteration bonus in GONE GIRL?

Does it appeal to a reader who is part of a younger generation? Does it make us believe the main character is young at heart, or the spirit of the book is young, free, adventurous, or exciting? Does the word “woman” sound too matronly to be appealing?

What if they began altering books to include the word “boy” instead of “man”? Would anyone want to read them? How about THE OLD BOY AND THE SEA, or THE INVISIBLE BOY? They don’t have the same appeal, somehow. Is it that the titles sound more confident when they use “man” instead of “boy”? And why don’t we care about this on the reverse?

I don’t have any answers to this, but I’m curious to see if the trend will continue. Do you think it matters when trying to sell books? Would you care if the above titles were changed? Let us know!


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