Old Tweets


If you follow our sister blog, Carleton Place Local History, you’ll know that old newspaper articles can be quite funny. It’s not that they were trying to make the reader laugh, it’s just that some things we’d never say in this present day. Often, we’ll have a good chuckle over something Shirley has found in the Carleton Place Canadian way back when, and think we’re lucky things aren’t the same anymore.

So this made me laugh when I saw it.  It’s a great Twitter feed known as “Tweets of Old” that posts funny, short snippets from old newspapers. Each tweet is also labelled with the name of the person who said it, and the year they were written. These are absolutely hilarious, and I quickly added them to my Twitter feed. Things like:

Santa: My little brother Clyde fell down the other day and broke his face. Please bring him a new one. A false face will do. Walter NM1909


Mr. England walked to town, a distance of five miles, in an hour and a quarter. Four miles an hour is not bad for an octogenarian. NE1881


WANTED—Good goat. Telephone 363 AL1919


If you have a few minutes, take a look through the posts. They’re all quite funny. Makes me think we should be doing this with our old newspapers!


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