What Do You Do Each Morning?

I came across a fun website devoted to the routines people follow each morning called MY MORNING ROUTINE. People from all walks of life are interviewed on their consistent morning routines.  You might think that hearing about someone waking up by the sun, or eating poached eggs each morning is boring, but every entry is more fascinating than the next. I promise you’ll get lost in the differences.


My morning routine consists of the alarm going off at 6:27am. I set it that way just so I feel like I have a few extra minutes to sleep. The only radio station that our old clock-radio seems to bring in is a local station that doesn’t seem to own more than 10 different CD’s. Trust me. I know ALL the words to “Break It To Them Gently”, and I’ve never bought a Burton Cummings album in my life. After two wildly old songs, they’ll race through local news and sports, and then it’s time for me to get moving.

I check my email first thing on my phone. Email includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and usually the weather. Once I’m done, I’ll eat breakfast (toast), shower, and do dishes before I run out the door. Often I have an errand to run before work, so I’ll stop off at the grocery store etc., before hitting the library.

And then I do it all again tomorrow.

What’s YOUR morning routine?  Does it change during the summer? Do you feel it’s as simple as it could be? Let us know. We’d love to hear what people are doing when they get up.

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