Say Something!

After our very successful adult writing program this spring, we’ve had a TON of people ask about doing something for young authors. So, we’re excited to announce a teen/tween summer writing program we’re calling “SAY SOMETHING!”


Our writing sessions will take place each Tuesday afternoon from 1-2pm all summer long. Depending on the number of people who sign up and their ages, we might end up dividing the group into sections, but we’ll decide that during the first session and give everyone a timetable.

Each session will focus on an aspect of writing that will improve craft, build confidence, and help our young writers to flesh out an idea. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be working with the next J.K. Rowling!

Registration will start on Monday, so give us a call at the library to get your young author on the list. We’re hoping for a nice group from grades 5 and up, but if the interest is there, we’ll take younger writers from ages 8 – 10 as well and form another group. While we might not be writing an entire book this summer, we’ll get everyone started and provide a safe and encouraging environment for everyone. It’s tough to be creative and to share that with others, but this will be fun. So get ready to SAY SOMETHING at the library this summer!

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