We’ve been hearing for years about the dangers of too much fat in our diets. Even the sound of low-fat donuts by local baker Healthy Food Technologies is enough to bring about a flood of excitement. Hooray! Low fat donuts! But how much fat is too much?

The new book by Nina Teicholz called THE BIG FAT SURPRISE: WHY BUTTER, MEAT & CHEESE BELONG IN A HEALTHY DIET delves into the idea that we really do need fats in our diet. I must say, Teicholz seems to have really done her research. The last 100+ pages are works she’s cited in her quest to come up with the most relevant information. It’s not an easy read, but then, if you’re really interested in your health and want to have a broad knowledge of the latest research, this should be on your to-be-read list. You can read more on her website about the idea here.

If you’re interested in reading this book, drop into the library and check it out. While it looks like the meat, butter, and cheese are useful overall, they are only good in moderation. But does that surprise you? Even the healthiest of foods can have negative repercussions if you eat too much. The best choice is to be wise about what you put into your mouth. The only thing making you fat…is you.


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