The Trans Canada Trail

Many of you probably know it’s there, but do you take advantage of it?  I’m talking about the Trans Canada Trail, of course, a series of 500 individual trails that run through 100 communities throughout Canada. We have one right here in Carleton Place, just off Coleman St. You can bike, walk, run or hike the trail which spans the distance between here and Ottawa. Our portion runs through fields and often parallel with HWY 7, so it is quite peaceful and scenic at the same time.

tct_logoDid you know you can plan your trail adventure on the website?  Just pick your spot and the interactive map will guide you through the various routes.  The entire trail across Canada hasn’t been finished yet (there are still some water portions), the goal is to eventually connect each province from one end of the country to the other, hopefully by 2017. It’s an ambitious project, but one that you can benefit from being a member of our community.

Have you been on the trail? What were your experiences?

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