Summer Reading is Almost Here!


We’re busy working on Summer Reading programs, so I thought I might get everyone thinking about books they might like to read this summer. The warm months are great for sitting down with a good book, relaxing, and letting your reading take a different turn. If you normally read literary fiction, why not venture out into non-fiction, or trying something different like a mystery or romance. If you like your cozies or thrillers, maybe now is the time to give magazines a go, or listen to an audiobook in a different genre. Whatever you choose, here are a few new releases you might want to pick up!

beesTHE BEES by Laline Paull is a sci fi/dystopian novel, written from the viewpoint of the bees!

birdBIRD BOX by Josh Malerman is a thriller about a society where something lurks outside, and must not be seen or a person will be driven to unspeakable violence.

findDON’T TRY TO FIND ME by Holly Brown is for fans of twisty books like GONE GIRL. Here, a family turns to social media to help find their runaway daughter, but they end up revealing more about themselves than they prefer.

fourthFOURTH OF JULY CREEK by Smith Henderson is a thriller with a psychological edge. A classic American story turned on its head.

lookingHERE’S LOOKING AT YOU by Mhairi McFarlane is on the lighter side of contemporary adult romance. Feel like slipping into a (bitter)sweet love story? This might be the book for you.

illusionTHE ILLUSIONISTS by Rosie Thomas. Set in London, 1870, this book is a dark look at magic, love and mystery.

While it feels like we’ve only just begun our spring, start thinking about summer reading. The warm weather is just around the corner (I hope!).

(Photo credit: Pierre-Olivier Bourgeois)

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