Would You Like Something to Read With That?

Have you ever found yourself in a fast food restaurant with no one to talk to and nothing to read? Author Jonathan Safran Foer found himself in just such a position while eating at Chipotle one day. He wondered why there weren’t interesting things to read on the cups or bags, and decided to approach the company about his great idea.  And they loved it! 


Starting this week, those visiting the US food chain will begin to see the fabulous cups and be able to read a short essay from a famous author, screenwriter, actor or comedian. Participants include Toni Morrison, Malcolm Gladwell and Judd Apatow. If you’d like to read more about the project and a couple of the essays, drop by this great Vanity Fair article. We can only hope more restaurants will pick up on this unused space to enrich our lives while we eat.





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