It’s a Book. No, it’s a Soap Opera!

Recently, Mills & Boon publishing announced it is going to turn reading on its head! They are publishers of romance novels, under the Harlequin company header, who have decided to try something different for readers.  It’s an online version of books + soap opera. Readers will log into The Chatsfield Hotel, and be able to interact with a variety of people who are either staying or working at the hotel, and read their stories.  Then, readers will be able to have some input on how the stories will develop.

George RR Martin The stories will be played out through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and short stories on the site. You can purchase single copies, or download the entire eBook collection purchased through the site. Don’t worry though, they’ll also be offering up some free stories to get you hooked.  If you enjoy the scandals and adventure in traditional soap operas, this will be right up your alley. And just like their series of books, the same characters will be followed throughout, focusing on each one in individual parts of the site.

If this type of interactive serial works, we just might see other publishers trying the same thing. It certainly is unique in the world of books and online publishing. Do you think you’d like to read books in this manner?




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