Solve a Mystery from History!

Our young library patrons LOVE the “ology” books….Dragonology, Egyptology, Monsterology etc.   Each book comes with items like envelopes stuffed with secret treasure, magnifying glasses to look at encrypted papers, pieces of topic-related memorabilia to really give kids a hands-on exploration of each subject.  At first, we thought these books might be a lost cause…losing any of the items in the books would make for disappointed readers, but for the most part, our youngest readers seem to treat these books like they are actual treasure and care for them with the utmost respect.


So when I heard about this new book from Brad Meltzer,  straight from the History Channel’s show History Decoded, I got excited! It’s called HISTORY DECODED: THE 10 GREATEST CONSPIRACIES OF ALL TIME.  It’s got all of the great conspiracies…from who shot JFK to the question about what’s inside Fort Knox. But the best part is that each chapter includes a custom-designed envelope, made to look like something from the time period or case, and inside are facsimiles of relevant evidence.  how about reviewing the will of John Wilkes Booth, or taking a close look at JFK’s death certificate. Each envelope is meant to provide the reader with hands-on items to help them understand the cases better. Doesn’t this sound like fun?


Whether or not this is a new trend, we’ll have to wait and see.


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