Ten minutes



A friend of mine decided she wasn’t getting enough work done at home. Everything seemed too big to tackle…too much laundry, not enough time to organize the basement, clean closets could wait another season. But it started carrying over into things she really wanted to do as well, such as exercise or read that new bestseller. We often let life get in the way of things that need to be done or things we’d really like to do. There are obligations such as taking the kids to school, and unexpected demands made upon us when we least expect it (like a co-worker’s illness that requires you to work extra hours). So how can we take back some time and accomplish things? Here’s a great idea:


Do things in 10 minute increments!


I’ve been looking for a way to get more reading done–without the guilt of taking time from something I should be doing. I thought this idea of doing things in 10 minute intervals was fabulous! You plan to do something full out for 10 minutes, and then no matter what, you move on after the time is up. For reading, this is pretty easy to control….just pop in a bookmark. For bigger jobs like organizing a room, for instance, you have to be willing to accommodate leaving a bit of a mess when the time is up. But you’ll be surprised at all you can do in those short periods.  And after a full morning of working in 10 minute intervals, you’ll have many things either done or under way. It sure takes the pressure off the task.

Do you have a great idea for organizing your time so that you can get more done in shorter periods? What is it? Let us know!

(Photo credit: Petradr)


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