Speed Reading, Smartphone Style!

US-based Tech company start-up, Spritz, is claiming to have developed an app that will allow future smartphone users to read an entire novel in 80 minutes. They’ve been working hard on the app, also called Spritz, which will allow upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones and the Gear2 watch to benefit from this technology. It’s speed reading, app style!


While speed reading is nothing new, the people at Spritz have “reinvented the way people read by eliminating the obstacles associated with traditional reading on mobile devices”.  While we are all used to a swiping action to move from page to page or screen to screen, Spritz freezes the action into one spot so the eye can focus and read the important parts of the words.  They have a fantastic demonstration on THIS page, and you can change the speed of the information to anything you like. I tried it at 250 words per minute, and it seemed fairly easy to follow the sentences.  The really great thing about this app?  It allows more time for harder words, although you won’t even realize it. The inventors of the app warn that at 400 words per minute, your comprehension will not be very strong, as it takes the brain a little time to process more difficult words.

Of course, there is some skepticism about how well this app will work for people, and the general warning that it’s better not to speed read at all for the best absorption of information. But if you’re trying to work more reading into your life, having a way to get through a book anywhere from 80 minutes to 2.5 hours would make that possible. Of course, this means you’ll have to have the technology to use it, also, so take that into consideration if you’re hoping to try this new app out.

You can read more information about the Spritz app right here. Happy reading!



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