Goodbye, Janet!

Here we are on the last working day of Janet’s official role as Head Librarian at the Carleton Place Public Library. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday that she announced she would be retiring, which turned into a whirlwind of preparation, tying up loose ends and eventually, the search for a replacement. We’re really going to miss her.


Well, Janet….     

– no more early mornings,

– no more being interrupted in restaurants because an alarm has gone off at the library,

– no more calling all over creation to find someone to come and do a repair,

– no more health and safety meetings,

– no more putting on your coat every three minutes to run around town to pick up books/supplies/spare parts/to sign papers/to participate in a mock                                                                                  disaster,

– no more pulling your hair out when someone needs a last minute schedule change

……and we hope there will be plenty of…..

– sitting on your porch drinking cups of tea

– naps in the middle of the afternoon

– knitting/quilting/baking

– reading all the books you can possibly keep on your bedside table

– red hatting

– lunches with friends

– visits with your mom

– phone calls to a certain young man down East, and maybe a few extra visits

– and lots and lots of “if the mood strikes you” stuff

Thank you for all the wonderful years, experiences and guidance. Don’t forget to drop by to visit once in a while!

Happy Retirement, Janet!


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