I’m Fine, You’re Fine, We’re Fine.

Let’s talk about fines.  It’s not a pretty topic, and for some, it’s difficult to imagine we’re going to have an increase. We haven’t raised our book fines in many years, and if you compare us to bigger libraries like Ottawa, ours are pretty reasonable….including the upcoming increase.

Starting January 2, 2014, our fines will be as follows:


Any fines already on your card at that point will not increase, but any books overdue after January 2nd will use the new fine structure. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to drop by the library to speak with us. And remember, there are plenty of ways to renew your books in order to avoid fines: you can renew online using your library card and PIN, you can drop by the library and ask us to renew, or you can give us a call….even if it’s in the middle of the night. We check our messages each morning, and we’ll get you updated then.

If you need your PIN, please pop in to pick it up. Unfortunately, we don’t give out PINs over the phone for privacy reasons. And we’ll be happy to show you the process of renewing online if you need help. It’s easy, and kind of fun!

Happy renewing!


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