Canada Reads!

Today is the big day! CBC Books will announce the panelists for the 2014  Canada Reads competition, and the selections they’ve chosen to defend this year.  But more on that later. 

First, if you’ve never taken part in Canada Reads, it’s an annual competition that allows readers to participate by helping choose the books for the long list.  Each year, there is a different theme and once the votes are in, the selection committee makes a Top 40 list, which is then narrowed down to a Top 10. At that point, the panelists are chosen, and they decide which books they’d like to “defend” in the new year.  It’s a book debate like no other! The panelists are Canadian “celebrities”, from actors, to talk show hosts to sports figures.

This year, the theme is “What is the one novel that could change Canada?” And the top 10 finalists are as follows:


You can click on any of the books above and you’ll be taken to the Canada Reads website, where you can find out more about the authors and the books themselves. And if you’re really interested in the panelists, they’ll be announced today at noon, so check the website anytime after that.  It’s going to be exciting.

We have almost all of the books available at the library, and the others we could do an Interlibrary Loan to get. You should start reading now if you’d like to have everything read before the debates start next year. Pick your own winner and see how you do! Canada is reading!


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