Frivolous Friday Art Explosion!

We haven’t had a Frivolous Friday post in a while. But a I started coming across some fantastic Instagram feeds, I wanted to share them with you.  If you don’t use Instagram, maybe this will inspire you to start. There are so many fantastic, creative people out there!

First up is art director Javier Perez. He creates whimsical little pieces of art using everyday objects and typically, a pen. I’m sure you’ve seen these items on a regular basis and never thought of them in such creative ways. You can follow him on Instagram here.

insta-7(Photo credit Javier Perez)


I’ve been following Humans of New York on Instagram for a while now. Brandon is a wonderful photographer who takes photos of people on the streets (an in subways, and train stations and anywhere else he finds someone interesting), and usually asks them a few questions about their lives.  The stories are JUST as riveting as the photos, and Brandon just released his first photographic book called, HUMANS OF NEW YORK.



How about Murad Osmann, the travel photographer who always photographs the places he goes with a photo of his girlfriend leading him along. It’s unique and the photos are gorgeous! It makes you feel like you’re right there with them. (Some of the pictures have a little nudity or near-nudity, so be warned that this is not for everyone.)

1-Murad-Osmann-600x600(Photo credit Murad Osmann)

There are plenty of new and established Instagram users that will capture your imagination, much more than the typical selfie photos and pictures of restaurant meals. Stop by, have some fun, and see who these creative people are following. Maybe you’ll discover a new guilty pleasure! Instagram.






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