The Retirement Tea

Friday was such a blustery, fall day, we were a little worried about the turnout for Janet’s Retirement Tea, but we shouldn’t have doubted the great people of Carleton Place. So many well-wishers dropped by! The library was bustling with good humour, a few tears and plenty of people hoping to catch a few minutes with Janet on her big day. It was lovely.

retirement1The staff was ready for almost anything….except regular library patrons! Who would have thought people would be coming to the library for books on Friday? But we pushed on through, and hopefully got everyone sorted without them having to wait too long. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

retirement2So many friends, family and patrons dropped by. Janet never had a moment to rest, but she smiled through it all and made everyone feel welcome…as she always does.


If you missed the festivities on Friday, please don’t worry. Janet will be here for the rest of November, and then will be in and out of the library in December, so you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to say goodbye and wish her well in her retirement in January!  A big thank you to Shirley for organizing the event and keeping us all on track. Happy Retirement, Janet!



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