Let the Creative Juices Flow!

Last year, when I made this for our Halloween wall:



….a generous patron came in and announced she’d be donating a Cricut cutting machine to the library so I would never have to cut out 8000 bats (or squares, or letters, or eyeballs) ever again. Well, we received it a week or so ago, and last week, I finally got a chance to try it out. WOW!  I can’t believe how amazing this is going to be to help create bulletin boards, crafts for storytime and wall displays.  The possibilities are virtually endless!


After opening the box, I followed the instructions and set everything up.  So nice and easy to work! It’s a Cricut Expression, and you can find out more about it here. 

20131018_103040It came with all of this great stuff, like a sticky cutting board and informative booklets.  Once I set it up and planned my letters, I found some nice paper and….


… got ready to cut.  Now, I can make great big letters like this all the time, or wee little ones, without the hassle of having to cut out every single piece.  A BIG gigantic thank you to Victoria Fraser and her Scraptease store for making this all possible for us.  She has a Facebook page!  Drop over and see all the great things she’s doing.


Thanks again, Victoria. This has made our lives a LOT easier!


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