Join us for a Retirement Party!


Many of you already know that our Head Librarian, Janet Baril, is retiring in January. We’re going to be sad to see her go, but we’ve planned a drop-in at the library on Friday, November 1st, from 2 – 5pm to say goodbye. If you know Janet and would like to pop in that day to wish her all the best, please stop by for a special afternoon of cake, laughter and probably lots of tears. (Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of Kleenex on hand.)

The Carleton Place Public Library has seen many wonderful changes under Janet’s guidance, and we like to think we’ve been especially lucky to have her as our librarian all these years. We hope she’ll make a point of dropping in from time to time to visit us, even though we’re sure her schedule will fill up quickly. (She’ll still need books, though!)

If you can’t make it, please feel free to drop her a line here, and we’ll make sure to pass it on.

Thank you, Janet, for all your support, hard work and insight. We’re going to miss you!

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