Giving Thanks

recite-31806--225637589-10n6f9oYou may not know that it takes many people, and many long hours of work to keep a library running well. As library staff, we’ve all heard the comment “It must be nice to be able to read all day”! Read??? We don’t have time!  We’re busy doing things like:

cataloging new books

ordering books

weeding material

writing blog posts

applying for grants

planning programs

adding to our genealogy records

buying new movies

keeping our Health & Safety training up to date

running programs

making sure our computer equipment is up to date

updating our library skills at meetings and conferences

researching books and authors for our collection

There are plenty of other things we do each day before the library is even open, but the list would be so long, you’d need an extra day to read it all. Of course, the library staff couldn’t make your library run as well as it does without the help of some very special people.  With this being the week before Thanksgiving, we’d like to give thanks to all of those special people who make our jobs a little easier:

the great staff at the Carleton Place Town Hall

our SOLS delivery men

our wonderful volunteers who cover books, straighten shelves and help us put away books

our student pages who work very hard to keep our books, movies and magazines on the shelves

our computer gurus who always come at a moment’s notice

our wonderful library board members

the amazing arena staff who help us move things, put things together, discard items and fix things when we call for help

our fantastic custodian who cleans, vacuums, shovels, mends and keeps us laughing

the rug man

the museum staff who always have a lovely display ready for our case

our Canpar, FedEX, Canada Post and Purolator delivery people

I’m sure the minute we post this, ten more names will come to mind, but for anyone we’ve left off the list, we are grateful for all your kindness and assistance. Thank you for all you do.

But most of all, we’re thankful for YOU, our wonderful patrons.

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