donated books

Almost everyday, we get donations at the library.  It’s interesting to see what arrives in each batch.  This is a small selection of books that were recently donated. It includes:

David Lubar’s ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRE WEENIES AND OTHER WARPED AND CREEPY TALES.  I must say, I’m always happy to receive this author’s books.  He’s funny and his stories appeal to boys & girls, so I can’t refuse.

Greg Iles’ DEAD SLEEP. This award-winning author was in a serious car accident a few years back and took some time away from writing to recover. Fans will be pleased to know a new trilogy is on its way!

Benazir Bhutto’s RECONCILIATION : ISLAM, DEMOCRACY, AND THE WEST.  The former Prime Minister of Pakistan writes about her final months in Pakistan before being exiled. Just days after finishing this, she was assassinated.

L’ART DE CONJUGUER : DICTIONNAIRE DE DOUZE MILLE VERBES. Everyone needs a book to help them conjugate French verbs. Everyone.

Ron Willingham’s HEY, I’M THE CUSTOMER.  This book is touted as “front line tips for providing superior customer service”.  Chapter 6 is entitled ” Let Me Know That I’m Welcome Back Anytime!” So true.  Hopefully, we do that at the library.

Laurent Murawiec’s PRINCES OF DARKNESS : THE SAUDI ASSAULT ON THE WEST. Billed as a “highly provocative and critical expose of Saudi Arabia”.

Davis’s DRUG GUIDE FOR NURSES, 7th EDITION.  Since this book is into it’s 13th edition, the information here might be a little outdated. Probably why it was a donation.

This is just one day of donations and there was a book about a strong leader, a drug guide, customer service help, a language guide, a thriller, vampire weiners and one about a country always under scrutiny.  I think this says a lot about what people in our community are reading. Hmmm… what will be donated tomorrow?

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