The Little Ones are Coming!

Next week, we begin all of our programs for young children at the library. First up is Storytime! This year, we’ll be doing things a little differently because of all-day Kindergarten in the area. Storytime will take place every Wednesday only, from 10 – 11am, and will be for children aged 2 – 5. We’re expecting lots of kids, and we’ll allow a few more than usual to accommodate the single session each week, but we still require PRE-REGISTRATION each week. Just drop by the library or call us to book a space. It’ll be a fun hour of stories, rhymes, music and crafts. Parents stay with their children and we expect everyone to be here right on time, as we’ll start right at 10am sharp! First session is Wednesday, September 11th!


Next up is Babytime.  Our babytime sessions have been so popular, we’ve decided to run them in six-week sessions each season.  That means our first session will run from September 12 – October 17th. We meet on Thursday mornings at 9:30am for half an hour.  There will be plenty of songs and stories, and lots of time for parents and babies to socialize afterward. We’ve got a nice list already of people who are going to attend, so please call to register before this session fills up.  Babytime is for children aged 0 – 12 months. Your child must be within that range for the entire session, please.  Our next session will take place in January.

Sign up for storytime or babytime today so that you reserve a place for you and your child! Hurry, the sessions will fill up quickly!


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