Grand Prize Alert!

This is our last week for the TD Summer Reading Club 2013 at the Carleton Place Public Library! That means, kids have all of this week to finish reading their books, drop into the library with passports, and pick up their ballots, stickers and pieces for Hollybook City! Next week, we’ll pick a day and do the draws for the grand prize and all of the other prizes we have waiting for our wonderful young readers.


It’s been a fantastic summer, with so many kids of all ages reading and trying to achieve all they can. Our city has grown from a blank green space to a wildly creative plot of land where lots of wonderful things must be going on! We’ve noticed that kids have picked plots in a specific block and placed their buildings, trees,  and people etc. Land claims are fierce here! But we’ve got a few key places that have set the tone for the city….the library, the TD Bank, the bandstand where One Direction drove their fans wild, the Hollybook sign atop the mountain and even our own version of the Eiffel Tower! It’s certainly been exciting, and we’re looking forward to seeing it all complete next week.

The most fun thing?  Each piece—every tree, animal and cloud—represents 3 books that someone has read.  That’s a lot of books! And each type of piece lets us know how far someone made it through the summer, whether they read three books or 30 books. We’ll post the grand total next week to let everyone know.


So, if you’ve got a young reader who is almost finished, make sure you get in here this week to finish up.  And keep an eye out for our winners, which we’ll post in the library next week!

Good luck everyone!



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