Learn with YouTube.

 Recently, I read a well thought out article by a musician who noticed someone in the audience taping an entire performance on his cell phone. This wasn’t a rock concert, where often, ushers in the stadiums will keep an eye out for people taping long segments (which are usually prohibited). It was a concert of classical music. Not exactly where you’d expect to see someone videotaping a piece.  Would they save it for their own enjoyment?  Maybe. But more likely, the recording will end up on YouTube.

Now, this is an issue for musicians. Performers are paid to perform. They are giving a live concert, one in which people pay for the privilege to attend. You aren’t paying for a ticket so that you can re-play this performance for your neighbour, or your friends, or a thousand strangers who might log into your YouTube account.  This particular performer likened the video sharing to asking the person who cuts your lawn to also cut the lawns of everyone in your neighbourhood…for free. It isn’t right, on many levels, and as he pointed out, some performances are better left to the memory. (Really, how would you like a presentation you do for work taped and broadcast repeatedly to strangers for years to come?)

It also brings up the fact that without YouTube or other video sharing sites, some of us might never be exposed to certain topics, people, music or events. Videos might be life changing for some, and bring in new fans, clients and admirers.  It sure makes you think about recording things in public, though, doesn’t it? That “harmless” YouTube video might just cost someone a big chunk of their livelihood.

But, thankfully, if you’re looking for some wonderful free YouTube content, why not view some of these World-Class college courses on topics that will interest almost anyone? These are actual courses, taught by professors at some of the best colleges and universities in the United States. I have a feeling I know someone who will be watching every single one of these.


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