Who Makes the Most?

This week, Forbes Magazine announced the top ten earning authors of 2013. Really, there weren’t too many surprises, from authors who’ve been on the list for ages, and a few newer (although extremely popular) ones. There are books about wimpy kids, books that were too steamy for many, books about a quirky historical researcher and books with an extremely funny detective.



As Forbes points out, many of these authors publish multiple books each year…as in four or five!  It’s a HUGE number, but it certainly contributes to their overall earnings. The other main factor is that these authors write very commercial books (aside from E.L. James, although one could argue her books have made the genre popular).

So which authors made the the Top Five?

1. E.L. James at $95 million

2. James Patterson at $91 million

3. Suzanne Collins at $55 million

4.  Bill O’Reilly at $28 million

5.  Danielle Steel at $26 million

For the entire list, click on one of the book covers in the photo above.  It’s fascinating!


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