Oh, that Dial-Up!

This past weekend, I was having a discussion with a couple of our high school aged pages.  They were talking about a movie that was released several years back, and how there was questionable content in it. One of the girls mentioned that when she asked her mother about it, her mom made up some “gentle” story to explain it, as she felt her daughter wasn’t quite ready for the full truth at that time (yes, it was about sexuality).

“I could have just Googled it,”  she said. “I don’t know why my Mom didn’t think of that.”

To which the other page replied, “I couldn’t have done that. We only had dial-up internet then!”

The girls both rolled their eyes and commiserated over how awful that old dial-up was.

I turned to them and said,  “When I was your age, if I wanted to know about something, I would have had to come down to the library, get a librarian to help me find a book on it, and then read that book. If there happened to be one.”

*cue the sound of crickets here and blank stares*

Ahhh….before the internet.


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