Do you Abandon Books?


Do you abandon books part way through if you don’t like them? According to GoodReads, these are the Top Five most abandoned books. (I must admit that someone came in last week looking for the copy of WICKED that was released after the musical. Hopefully, it won’t come back when she realizes it doesn’t have any songs in it.)

And I have abandoned one of these books (two I haven’t even picked up).  What about you?

(Thanks to Jetmore Public Library for the photo!)



4 thoughts on “Do you Abandon Books?

  1. There are a few books that I have abandoned. Of the top five I did not even start on 4 of them for various reasons. The fifth one I loved.
    One book that I never got further than the first chapter was An Echo in the Bone By Diana Gabaldon. Where I loved her previous books in the series – this latest part was just impossible to get into. After having had it on my bedside table for year and never getting past page 25 I gave up

    • And that book is a commitment, really. Giving up after 25 pages is better than giving up after 100 pages or more. At least you didn’t waste a lot of time! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

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