Book Buck Bingo a Hit!

This is the second year we’re playing “Book Buck Bingo” at the library. Young readers in Grades 5 and up are pushing through the bingo card, trying to accomplish things on the squares in order to earn some library Book Bucks. And so far, they’re doing great!  Plus (and even though this wasn’t intended), we seem to be reaping a few of the rewards, especially from the “Read a Cookbook and make a recipe” square!

20130709_145916First, we got some delicious shortbread cookies from the wonderful Emma. Mmm…they didn’t last long!  And on Thursday, we received this amazing looking jar of fresh strawberry jam, made by sweethearts Hannah and Emily.  A good excuse to make some scones to go with it?


And a few hours later, more of our favourite sweeties brought in homemade chocolate chip cake and chocolate fudge. Okay, so the fudge didn’t last long enough  for a photo, but trust me, it was delicious!

cakeWe’re also thoroughly enjoying the book reviews, author research and graphic novel representations the kids are dropping off in order to earn their book bucks.



The reviews so far from parents are also fabulous!  So many people have commented on the fact that their kids are engaged, reading different things, and not complaining about having to research an author. We love the fact that they’re not afraid to explore new areas of the library they probably wouldn’t normally visit and hopefully, find some new favourite authors. If the incentive to get a few Book Bucks to spend on great prizes is all they need, so be it! Bring on the fun!


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