30 Day Instagram Book Challenge!

We’re having fun with Instagram at the library this summer! Please feel free to take photos of books you’re reading, books you want to read or events at the library. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #cplibrary so that we’ll see them!

But if you’re looking for something a bit more fun, why not join us for the 30 Day Instagram Book Challenge! If you want to participate, just follow the list and take a book-related photo each day in July. (Use the same #cplibrary hashtag.) Here is the fun list, starting on July 1st! (Get out there on Canada Day and show your love of books!)

IMG_4461  (Just an example)……..This is the book I most want to make something from this summer.     #cplibrary #cuterecipebooks


  1. Your favourite book.
  2. Your least favourite book.
  3. A book that makes you LOL (laugh out loud).
  4. A book that makes you cry.
  5. A book you wished you lived in.
  6. Your favourite YA or Juvenile book (you can use one you loved as a kid).
  7. A favourite quote from a book.
  8. A book that scares you.
  9. A book that you wish was never written (maybe it’s sooooo good, nothing else even comes close and it has spoiled you for reading forever!).
  10. A book that changed your life.
  11. A book where the main character is most like you.
  12. A book with a main character you’d love to marry!
  13. Your favourite author (or a photo of one of his/her books).
  14. A book that is most like your life.
  15. The first chapter book you ever read.
  16. A book you always recommend.
  17. A book you tell people not to read.
  18. A book you’re embarrassed to like.
  19. A book you’d only recommend to your BFF (your best friends).
  20. A book you’ve read more than once.
  21. Your favourite picture book.
  22. The book you plan to read next.
  23. A book you tell people you’ve read (or finished)…but haven’t!
  24. A favourite scene from a book.
  25. A book you read at school and loved.
  26. Your favourite non-fiction book.
  27. Best book you’ve read this year so far.
  28. The last book you finished.
  29. The book you’re currently reading.
  30. Your favourite coffee table book!

Of course, some of these entries will be easier than others.  And if you can’t find the actual book to take a picture of, feel free to get creative. Draw the cover, or just jot down the title and grab that phone!  We’re looking for creativity, most of all! Have fun in July (you might want to start planning now) and don’t forget to hashtag #cplibrary.


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